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Lisa Metzgar, PhD 

I started my journey in the health and wellness arena in 1994. As the years have gone by, my practice has evolved as my own life has evolved. I have found through the years, especially as I have entered into life beyond 50, that we are always redefining what health means, what happiness means, and how we live our lives on a soul level. What we believed in our 20's isn't what we believe now. My background is in Body, Mind, and Nutritional healing. I believe in the Healer Heal Thyself model of I know exactly what you are feeling and how to guide you on a soul journey to living the life you any age!

Are you Craving a Rich Soulful Life?

  • Love your Body

    Our bodies change over time.  We can age gracefully with healthy habits and healthy mindset.  Learn how to love and care for your body at any age. 

    Love your Life

    Do you crave deeper meaning in your life? Do you feel you have a greater purpose in your life? Learn how to love your life at any stage on your terms.

    Reach New Heights

    Challenge yourself. Learn new skills. Reach for the stars and enjoy discovering new practices that can elevate your life to new heights. 

    Find your Zen

    Let's face happens. How you move through your life is your choice. Mindfulness practices help us navigate our daily lives. 

    Journeys for Living a Soulful Life

    What does it mean to live a Soulful Life? 

    When I think of what living a soulful life means to me...I think about honoring my soul calling. Throughout our lives we hit times when our soul is calling us to transform. We have many phases of our life and we can tend to lose focus on what is truly important and what our soul is calling us to do. Maybe you have let your health go and you just don't feel motivated to do anything. Maybe your career is stale and you just don't feel fulfilled anymore. Do you take time for self care? Are you in touch with your spiritual side or do you just feel empty? Living a Soulful Life is about balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of us. If you neglect any of those then you can feel very out of balance. Our Soul Journeys help to guide you to a life of Soulful Living.

    Ask yourself these questions

    • Do you feel in alignment with your inner self?

    • Do you feel energetic and excited about each day?

    • Do you feel motivated to reach your goals?

    • Are you basing your life decisions on what your soul is calling you to do or what others expect from you?

    • Have you put your health and wellness on the back burner?

    Soul Journeys for living a Soulful Life

    Nutrition Journeys

    "All health starts in the gut" - Hippocrates

    Nutrition isn't just about weight loss. When we feed our bodies, our gut microbiome, and our minds with proper nutrition you will be amazed at how good you feel from the inside out. We all want to look good but it is even better to feel good!  Health is the foundation of all success.

    Mindful Journeys

    Discover Mindful practices that create success habits in all areas of your life. We are WHOLE beings craving a rich soulful life. Mindful Journeys will help you identify modalities and tools that create a peaceful, intentional life. 

    Soul Discovery Journeys

    Feeding your soul is just important as feeding our bodies. Discover your souls purpose, meet your spirit guides and tap into your Divine being in our soul discovery journeys.

    Coming January 2022 - Soul Journeys Membership

    Sign up for our Founders Membership by December 30 and enjoy our monthly membership for only $27 per month or $269 for the year.  Classes will be released every week and focus in the four pillars of Body, Mind, Emotional, and Spiritual support to help you live a truly Soulful Life. Classes starting January 1 and you get lifetime access.

    Soul Journeys Membership info

    Beautiful Life Collective - Coming February 2022

    Strong is BEAUTIFUL

    Feeling strong gives us the power to create and design the life we truly want to live. A strong mind, body, and spirit are built from our experiences, choices, and determination to overcome any obstacles. Strength is a journey that leads to creating a beautiful life worthy of you.  Be Strong. Be Bold. Be Beautiful




    Our lives as we know them in this physical world are just a small part of who we truly are. We are only guests in these bodies. Understanding that consciousness transcends physical death helps us open the connection to the spirit who lives within us, and other souls we are connected to. Be inspired to live life as the beautiful soul you are!


    Healthy is BEAUTIFUL

    Healthy looks different on every body, but you know it when you have it! We all know that living full out is much easier when we feel good. Inspiring creators with many different methodologies will help you discover healthy choices that are right for you in this summit. Health is the foundation for building a beautiful life full of rich experiences and meaningful relationships.