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Journal Idea Vault

Create your own Money Making Journal or Planner

Want to create Journals and Planners for your business but don't know where to start?  This Journal Vault has ideas for 30 journals and planners in a variety of niches along with journal prompts for each one to get your creative juices flowing.  Use the prompts as is or edit them to fit your business.  

What You will get

This is a goldmine of Journal and Planner ideas to get you started on creating your own digital products.

30 Journal Ideas

30 Journal and Planner topics in a variety of niches

  • Health and Wellness

  • Mental Health

  • Business

  • Journal Prompts

    Each Journal and Planner idea has 10 journal prompt ideas

  • Use as is 

  • Use as a launching pad for your own ideas

  • Easy to follow to make your own planner or journal

  • Easy to create in Canva

    Journals and Planners are easier than ever to create using the FREE or PRO version of Canva

  • Create beautiful products to sell as templates or PDF downloads

  • Create products to sell or give away

  • Adds value to your products and services

  • Ready to start creating your Journals and Planners?

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    Who Can Benefit From This Idea Vault?

    Coaches, Speakers, Etsy digital store owners, Healers, Podcasters, and Online business owners

    Digital Journal and Planners

    Create an asset for your business

    If you are a coach, healer, online course creator, or speaker...digital journals and planners are great assets for your programs and business.  Creating digital products can be overwhelming.  This idea vault will guide you to easily creating your own digital journals and planners to either give away or sell.  Use this FREE resource to get your own journals and planners.  

  • Online Business

    Create a Journal and Planner Business

    Journals and Planners are hot sellers right now.  Create a business selling digital products on Etsy, Amazon or your own website.  This vault has 30 journal and planner ideas with journal prompts in multiple niches from health and wellness, faith based journals, and business planning.  Use the journal prompts as is or edit them to fit your business model and branding.  

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