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HI!  I'm Lisa, your guide to a Hands Off Business

I get LOVE your clients but you want to create more freedom and income in your business. Having a practice that depends solely on you making money only when you get your hands on someone can lead to an income ceiling (because let's face can only work so much) and eventual burnout.  

I help hands on practitioners create an online business so they can create a freedom lifestyle that isn't solely dependent on the 1:1 income model so they can avoid burnout, increase income, and make a bigger difference in the world.  

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Are you Craving a Freedom Lifestyle?

  • Share your Gifts with the world

    We have gifts that can transform our clients. Learn how to create an online business that has no boundaries, can reach across the globe, and create a freedom income. Connect with your Soulmate clients and share your gifts.  

    Avoid burnout

    You got into a hands on healer practice to help people but let's face can take it's toll on your body and your soul.  If you are feeling burned out and losing the joy of your practice, consider creating an online income to take the stress out of working hands on to create your soulful life on your terms.  

    Work from anywhere

    All you need is a phone or laptop to work anywhere, anytime. The freedom to create and help people...even on vacation, to  create the life you desire. A hands on practice has many limitations. Creating your freedom business has no limits!

    Make a bigger difference

    We got into our practices because we love to help people but are limited to how many we can touch. An online business is a worldwide business where you can help someone across the globe create transformation.  

    What does it mean to have a Soulful Business?

    Ask yourself these questions

    • Do you feel the burnout of having a busy practice and have lost the passion your used to have?

    • Do you worry about going on a vacation and not making an income?

    • Do you have an income ceiling you just can't break or is your income inconsistent every month?

    • Do you worry about what you will do if and when you can't do the hands on work anymore?

    • Do you search for more services or biz opportunities in hopes of making more money without the burnout?

    A Soulful Business for Soulful Living

    Freedom Lifestyle

    A freedom lifestyle is one that allows you to make a difference sharing the gifts that you have for the world AND living the life you dream about...traveling, working when and where you choose, spending more time with family and friends, and having the income to have a stress free life.  

    Success Mindset

    Success requires a success mindset. We all have a gift we want to share with the world but sometimes we might not have the confidence or the know how to create something new in our life and business. We will not only work on the nuts and bolts of creating online courses but also the mindset aspect of creating the life you desire.  

    Hands Off Business Method

    The Hands Off Business Method is a holistic process of creating an online course business to either compliment your existing hands on practice or replace your hands on income that doesn't require trading your time for money. Join the membership for just $1 for the first month and create your freedom lifestyle business with The Hands Off Business Method

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