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Is your Soul Calling you?

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As we age, our soul calls to us to transform. The CHANGE is a magical time for women to redefine who they are on a soul level.

Discover your True Soul Journey

Your Soul Journey is...

  • Living a life with vibrant energy

  • Getting in touch with your soul intuition

  • Discovering your purpose and calling

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."


What are Soul Journeys?

Join us for our weekly journeys

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Health and Wellness for our changing bodies

  • Discover your Soul's Purpose

  • Monthly Meditations

  • Mind/Body Practices

  • Tap into your Intuition

  • Tools for self discovery and transformation

Try for $1 your first Month

Lisa Metzgar, PhD

I have been a healer and teacher for over 30 years. As I have progressed through my own soul journeys, I have gathered tools to help people on their own journeys through health, wellness, mind, and soul.  

As women we go through very significant phases in life and are continuously redefining our roles in life. When I entered into my 50, I realized that it is a phase where we have an amazing opportunity to answer our own soul calling to focus on ourselves. What we wanted in our 20's isn't what our souls are calling us to do as we transition into our 50s and past menopause.  

I will be your guide on this soul journey to help you define and transition through this beautiful time in your life.

Soul Journeys Curriculum

  • Monthly meditations

  • Each month I will send you a meditation to help bring awareness and calm to our day to day challenges.  These will be guided meditations that you can use to create a ritual around your personal growth.  They will focus in the topics of our soul journeys...Body, Mind, and Soul.

  • Weekly focus lessons in Body, Mind, and Spiritual Growth

  • Each week I will release a short lesson to help you develop healthy habits and tools for personal development.  They will be easy to digest lessons that you can implement into your weekly routine to  guide you on your soul journey.

  • Practical Tools for Transformation

  • Change requires action.  I will share tools and tips for you to change habits and help you to discover what your soul is calling you to do.  

Discover Your Soul Journey

Dear Soulful One,

As we go through our life we come to crossroads that call to us to redefine our journey. This is especially true for women entering into their 50's and going through the change of life. We go from reproduction years where we focus on taking care of it a partner, spouse, family, career, or raising children.

As we enter into our 50's many of us start to feel restless. There is a calling that we feel to focus back on ourselves and our purpose in this world starts to change. We are at a stage that calls to us to redefine ourselves, to find our way back to ourselves.  

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel fulfilled in your current life?

  • Have you stopped focusing on your health and wellness and feel a victim of the changes your body is experiencing during this phase of life?