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I like to say that I was chosen by the universe to do the work that I was guided to. As a young child, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to grow up near the ocean in San Diego, CA. As soon as I saw the ocean, I knew that was my life's calling...I was going to be a marine biologist and save the whales! I'm pretty sure that was the dream of a lot of young people who grew up in San Diego. That dream carried me through college where I even got the opportunity to work at Scripps Institute of Oceanography where I was a lab tech for a Swedish scientist. I graduated from UCSD and went on a quest to find my dream marine biology job. Then reality hit. There really wasn't much opportunity out there for someone with a bachelors degree so my quest fell flat. In the mean time...I found a job in the geotechnical industry running a soils lab. Not my dream job but it wasn't bad playing with dirt all day. But my soul was calling me to do something else!

I wanted to make a bigger difference in the world. My soul searching led me back to my biology degree...I loved learning how the body worked, biochemistry, and nutrition. Of course the universe was listening and I stumbled across a Holistic Health Practitioner training program that a local school was offering. It was a two year course that embodied the "healer, heal thyself" philosophy. I saw a lot of budding practitioners go through massive transformation during that two years, including myself. The programs was focused in nutrition but also included body/mind therapies and massage.

As I was going through the massage portion of the program, I knew I was good at it but I never really thought I would do it as a business. After I graduated from the program, I opened up my nutritional coaching practice and had no clue how to get clients. That is when I had the brilliant idea of starting in the massage industry so I could get my hands on people, build the relationships, then talk to them about nutrition. Well...26 years later...I still practice massage. Not only did I fall into a massage practice, I was also asked to enter into a teacher training program and taught massage therapy for over 3 years. That is why I say that the industry chose me. 

As much as I have enjoyed my hands on practice and making a difference in my clients life, I have also come to realize after all these years that there is a time stamp on how long I can physically work. Thoughts like...what happens if I get hurt and can't work anymore? What do I do for income when I go on a vacation when I can't work and am spending more? How the heck can I keep this up until I retire? I had to figure out how to keep doing the work that I love , still serve my clients, and make a great income that doesn't depend on breaking down my body?

In my search for creating my freedom lifestyle, I came across a little eBook  that talked about creating online courses. A lightbulb went off! This was the solution! I could create courses and put them online. I could tap into my creative side through the course creation process. I could teach, which is something that I truly enjoyed. The best part was that the sky was the limit. I could create courses based on all my years of study and training. The more courses I created, the bigger the reach I had. To date I have created 14 courses and have over 2000 students from all over the world! How cool is that!  

Over the past 10 years I have evolved in my course creation business and now have a passion for helping other hands on healers create their own freedom soulful business where they can expand their reach, create an income that doesn't depend on hands on work, and eliminates the income ceiling that exists with the hours for dollars model of business.