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Lisa Metzgar PhD set out to be a marine biologist and was guided by the universe to be a healer as a massage therapist and holistic health practitioner specializing in nutrition and gut health. She strives to be a positive example for her family and her clients. A natural teacher, a lifelong learner, a lover of nature and everything ocean, a happy wife, and mother. Lisa's mission is to be a good person and make a positive difference in the world.

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Hi! I'm Lisa 

I have been on this wonderful journey as a hands on healer since 1996.  Over the past 26+ years I have been very fortunate to have made a great living while doing what I love to do...heal people. I'm not saying it was always easy...sometimes it was stressful wondering if I was going to make enough money to pay the bills month to month. Life as a massage therapist is a calling and can be a wonderful career but I see many hands on healers struggle to make a livable income.  


I have worked in many roles as a massage therapist from spas, school clinic, chiropractic office, corporate chair massage, teaching, and my own practice. Working in my own practice has always been my preference. I wish I had known over 20 years ago what I know now about building my dream practice...one that is filled with my ideal client, making a consistent income, and allows me to take vacations or weather a pandemic without missing any income.  

Hands on healers are called to do this work. We want to heal people but can be faced with several challenges. I know you can relate to my stories.

About one month after starting into my new career at the massage school clinic...I encountered a challenge that most of you I'm sure you have seen at least once. I had a man on my books that turned out to be very inappropriate...and it FREAKED me out! I almost quit because I thought that a school clinic would be one of the safest places to work as a therapist. I learned quickly that I wanted to have my own practice where I could have more control over who I had on my table. Over the years...I have unfortunately encountered other clients like that when I have worked for other people and didn't have any control.  

Another challenge that I am sure you can also relate to is the income roller coaster. I have seen it all...trying to work while pregnant and having a new baby, recessions, inconsistent income, trying to go on a vacation without working my butt off before and after...you can relate I'm sure.

Over my years of being in my physical practice I have learned how not only how to create my dream practice with my ideal clients but to also create online income streams that serves more people, makes more stable income...even during the tough times, and prevents burnout from the physical stress of a full practice. 

 I am on a mission to help other amazing healers to be able to create their dream practice and heal more souls.