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Soul Journeys are WHOLE Body/Mind/Spirit Living guidance that encompass a balanced approach to health, wellness, and purpose for living a Soulful Life age 50 and beyond.  

Is your soul calling? At this stage of our life, we go through shifts and our soul is calling us to redefine, find our unique purpose, and live life on your own terms.  We have taken on the roles of mom, wife, career woman, and home maker but as we enter into our 50's our souls are calling for a different purpose.  What we wanted in our 20's has shifted, our bodies have changed, and we crave a fulfilling life in this magical time.  I will be your guide to help you find your purpose, passion, and transformation based on my own "Healer, heal thyself" journey.  My background in nutrition,  body/mind teaching, and mindfulness coaching has guided me to the life I feel fulfilled and grateful for and I will take you on your own journey to Soulful Living. 

Soul Journeys will help guide you to your authentic self, give you tools to recreate your body, mind and soul. Lessons are released monthly along with a recipe pack and meditations.  

Join now for only $1 for your first month then just pay $27 / month or pay for the year for only $269 (2 months free). Lifetime access as long as you are a member. 

  • The soul is an infinite ocean of just beautiful energy and presence made manifest in human form.” – Panache Desai 

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    What are Soul Journeys?

    • Lay a healthy foundation, starting with gut health,  for a strong, energetic life age 50 and beyond

    • Mindful meditations for body/mind/spirit to find balance and peace

    • Small step habits to shift your way of thinking and living your life in a more mindful and intentional way. 

    • Learn how to listen to your gut for a fulfilling life.

    • Tap into your intuition and find your unique purpose in this magical time in your life

    Tools for Soulful Living

    Nutrition Journeys 

    For a strong healthy foundation

    Mindful Journeys

    For a healthy mindset for success

    Soulful Journeys

    To discover your souls true calling

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    As we enter into our 50's many of us start to feel restless. 

    There is a calling that we feel to focus back on ourselves and our purpose in this world starts to change. We have spent our lives taking care of others...our children, our partners, our careers. We often times lose who we are and have been defined by others ideas and messages.

    We find ourselves at a stage that calls to us to redefine, to find our way back to ourselves. 

    Our bodies have changed, we lose our passion and excitement for life, and many have lost their own unique identity. We ignore our gut instincts and start to doubt ourselves.  

    We long to learn new things, and explore new talents.

    We want to feel strong, lean, and sexy.

    We want to find a deeper meaning in our lives

    We want to live and love a more soulful life.

    Listen to your soul calling and join us in Soul Journeys

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